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    Whetstone Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (formally known as WSM) is a leading direct selling company dealing in world class health care and cosmetic products. WSM’s all products are based on ayurveda, without any side effect. Each of our products have distinct properties that work on specific emotional states.

    We can't talk about our own heath without understanding our place in our environment because in order to fulfill our potential we have to live in the context of our surroundings.

    We have to know our place in the ecosystem of which we are a part and this means living 'Consciously': "being aware of nature and how it affects us and how we in turn affect nature"

    Today's stressful lifestyle, polluted environs and market’s toxic products make bad effect on our health. Skin and hairs are mostly affected parts of our body by polluted environment. We are riding on a growing wave of interest in natural products and ingredients.

    Our all products are manufactured under the guidance of experts. We are committed to provide chemical free ayurvedic products, manufactured in strict quality controlled environment.

    WSM aim is to make people life economically independent on their own terms. Provide opportunity to work independently and free mind and to earn according to their work without any boundation.
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मई ऑफर-
1. स्पांसर इनकम 10%
2. 1000 का नया पैकेज लांच किया गया है|
3. 2500 की ज्वाइनिंग पर 1 लीटर लिक्विड डिटर्जेंट MRP-288 फ्री|
4. सभी मेम्बर को 500 का रिपर्चेज करना आवश्यक है|
5. 2500 के रीपर्चेज पर 500 तक की MRP का प्रोडक्ट फ्री|

लाइफ टाइम रिवार्ड में कुछ बदलाव किया गया है|
जिससे रिवार्ड अचीव करना बहुत आसन होगया है|
अब जोइनिंग और रीपर्चेज दोनों का बिज़नेस काउंट होगा|
पुराना बिज़नेस काउंट करने के लिए इस महीने 1000 का रीपर्चेज करना अनिवार्य है|

Congratulations To All Car Achievers.......
Aftab Husain
Archana Maurya
Arun Pal
Chandra Shekhar
Deepak Vishnoi
Harprit Kaur
Huma Zaidi
Jasleen Chhabra
Javed Mustufa
Kiran Devi
Mendhi Abbas
Mohd Sahabuddin
Mohd Irfan
Mohd Rauf
Mohd Tauhid Qureshi
Mohini Bajpai
Neelam Jaiswal
Neelima Dwivedi
Nitin Mishra
Prem Bahadur Singh
Ritu Tiwari
Sandhya Bajpai
Sarita Singh
Shail Agarwal
Shivam Gupta
Soni Singh
Veerpal Singh
Vimla Shukla
Zubair Ahmad
Anjali Rastogi

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